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facebooklive Mar 30, 2016

One of the things I promised myself I would do this year is continually put myself in situations where I feel exceedingly uncomfortable.

That's where Facebook Live comes in.  I've vowed to do an entire month, every day, of live video - from my Facebook Page!

Of course, I want to keep it interesting, so a few things I plan on doing are:

  • coming up with fun and/or helpful topics for discussion
  • sharing what I've learned from great business and life books
  • giving those books away to viewers (I'll mail them to you at my own cost!)
  • giving you a tour of the National Institute of Health (I'm a patient there due to a rare disease I have called lymphangioleiomyomatosis so I'm there every 6 months...and it is a great American institution that many people don't know much about!)
  • and anything else you ask me or I think of!

If you have any great ideas or requests for episodes, make sure to share them with me on my Facebook Page. (This is also, by the way, the page you will watch the video...

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Start A Business With A Powerful Pivot

For anyone that is looking to start a business in their late 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond, one of the biggest challenges is going from a place of comfort (the known) to a place of vulnerability (the unknown).

I have many female friends that are considered, rightly, to be amazingly successful by "typical" standards.  We are talking CEO's, heads of major departments in Universities, multi-million dollar entrepreneurs, doctors, get it.  I also have many friends that are successful in many other but equally important ways, such as mothers of multiple children, those that support their spouses (emotionally and/or financially), as excellent employees in their chosen profession, as incredible and supportive friends.

The one thing that happens, no matter where you stand after a certain point in your life, is that you are used to it.  Even when it may be bad, or not something that makes you happy ... you are used to it, so you put up with it.

This is one of, if...

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International Womens Day | Do Your Thing And Don't Care If They Like It

It's International Women's Day, and I couldn't think of a more appropriate thing to say than this:


And this is true, by the way, whether you're a woman or a man...because it really doesn't matter.

THAT BEING SAID, I'm going to take this opportunity to celebrate women, especially the women I know and admire.  

Everywhere I turn, I see women I know doing amazing things.  Sometimes, that amazing thing is staying home and simply taking care of the children. (I think that is a heroine's journey, personally.) Supporting their spouse, emotionally, financially, personally.  Working every day, getting the kids fed, clothed, homework-ed, activit-ied, and starting all over again.

I tell you what, no matter what anyone says, that takes grit.

What I wish, though, for all of the women I know, is that you don't lose yourself in the process.  Celebrate yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Acknowledge that you are a separate person, outside of your family, and...

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Are You Meant For More?

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2016

The first time I saw this quote by John Shedd, I was sort of electrified.

Was I really built for the life I was currently living?

Secretly, and somewhat to my shame, the answer was no.

In fact, I was the perfect example of that safe ship in harbor.  Sitting, carefully, in a safe little zone.  Nice family. Nice home. Nice business. Everything neat and tidy.

I understand why I did this.  Growing up, I certainly didn't live any type of a life of luxury.  My single parent mother and I had to get by in whatever ways we could.  In order to feel even a little financially secure, I started working at age 11 and I really haven't ever stopped. Like all people, I created a life in reaction to my previous experiences.

Now, despite that, I realize some people will shout at me (or to themselves) WELL, YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL! QUIT WHINING!

...True.  But.

I've honestly come to believe that it doesn't matter how much I HAVE, it is what I am doing with the gifts...

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Now What Are You Up To, Nicole? (Why THIS, NOW?)

Right now, I'm dying. Laughing. I know you're thinking it even if you haven't said it to my face (yet). :)

OK. Really, let me be a little serious here...

I started this blog/site/adjunct to my business for many reasons.  First, for the last 20 years, all I've really done is started and grown a variety of businesses, some successful, some awesomely successful...and some not. Even the few years that I worked for someone else, I always had something going on, a little extra way to make money.  Those of you that have known me for what seems like my entire life are saying, "Yeah, duh." 

I can't stop it. I can't help myself.  One of the things I beat myself up about for years is "why can't you just do one thing and be happy about it?" Its taken me almost a half a lifetime, but I've finally accepted: I can't just do one thing and be happy about it, and that is perfectly OK.

In 2015, as many of you know (but some don't), I was diagnosed with a rare lung disease...

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