Client Love + Success Stories

"So fortunate I have Nicole in my corner on this journey. I've stepped out of the comfort zone - walked away from the known, into the unknown, but am happy (so key!). Nicole looks at what each individual needs and where they are, and then determines steps to move forward. I think of what I would have done and honestly, on my own I would not be as bold or willing to step into my light. Thank you for helping me see things differently and moving me in directions I would not have gone!"

Michele Wilson

Consultant/Corporate Trainer

Learning this changed my life...I work less and make more money. Aside from allowing me and my team member to work in our strengths, it has also improved my client relationships (resulting in more referrals!). Even better, I am infinitely less stressed.

Nicole's explanations are clear and compelling.

I feel completely re-energized and focused, and I feel like I can actually make changes that are personalized for me instead of one-size-fits-all "best practices."

- Angela Ghannam, Attorney




- Kim Scott, CEO/Consultant, Back Pocket Resources

"I have broken through barriers that I thought were out of reach for me."

"Since the start, this journey has been different from anything else I’ve experienced.

I have made incredible strides in truly understanding why my past professional relationships were not always successful or cohesive. I’ve been able to turn the table on what I thought were my weaknesses, and have come to know that these areas are actually where I can offer balance & support to my colleagues or in my personal relationships.

I am able to recognize the difference between those abilities I am very good at and those that are my Innate Impact abilities. This has been a very important distinction for me. When I am free utilize my Innate Impact strengths, in my professional or personal life, I am consistently making greater strides; feeling energized, and experiencing greater success and fulfillment. For the first time, my work is absolutely energizing. I have broken through barriers that I thought were out of reach for me.

This is the first time I’ve been involved with programs and testing that measure the “how” in regard to my own abilities, my conative triggers and actions, harnessing and consciously applying my innate abilities, how I best process communication and how I can best communicate to with others for greater productivity and cohesiveness.

All of this really comes down to power, but not as some might think. I’ve learned how to recognize and develop my Innate Impact strengths and this results in my having power over myself – as I never have before. With this strength and knowledge I have been able to offer more of myself in all areas of my life, with greater energy, and consistently positive results both personally and professionally.”

- Julie Taylor, Administrator

"I was really skeptical...I was wrong."

"Before working with Nicole, I had never really participated in any type of testing regarding my personality, my strengths or my work. I was really skeptical that the results would tell me anything other than what I already knew about myself or that they would change anything about me or my work...I was wrong.

 [T]he ability to be self-aware is amazing and makes an impact. Now I really look at how I am and what I do and understand it on a whole new level. It is now not about changing to get rid of the things that I don't like about myself but it is being aware of my strengths and using those to burst me forward."

- Sharon K., Paralegal

She's helped me reconceptualize my business and myself so as to think about my highest enjoyment and purpose.

"I hired Nicole like four months ago and it's blown my mind. One of the main things I've gotten out of all of my coaching with Nicole is that me, as the entrepreneur, needs to focus my energy on my highest creative potential. She's helped me reconceptualize my business and myself so as to think about my highest enjoyment and purpose.  Hire someone who knows what they are doing-- someone who understands systems, processes, team dynamics, and also role development."

Benjamin J. Hardy
Author, Personality Isn't Permanent/Who Not How

Feeling the love ❤︎



Robin S., Healthcare Administrator 

"[Nicole helps you become assertive so you are better at decision making that will not tear down relation(ships), but make them stronger." 

Anonymous "Cultivating Your Greatest Competitive Advantage: YOU" Attendee

"It gave me. A better understanding of why people are the way they are and how to work with people more effectively...I thought it was the perfect balance of instruction and real-world examples. It can be lifechanging-"


Lyndsey Jaworski, Henry Ford Health Systems

"This helped me identify how I can best influence and use my strengths within a group or even individual settings, as well as identifying where conflict may arise."

Anonymous Attendee At Great Lakes Women's Business Conference

"Motivational, educational, inspirational, impressive!"

Kimie Kitahara, Mando Corporation

"[I learned so much about] influencing people and how to understand yourself and others in order to persuade.



"The 3 "Influence Killers" was EYE-OPENING for me!

Brandy Jones, Mando Corporation

"The workshop helped me to focus on how well I communicate with my co-workers and also whether my communication is effective."



"Directed...intentional...educational...motivational...can't wait to share!"

 Troy Hardiman, Henry Ford Health Systems

"The workshop was fun. I loved seeing people's expressions change from nervous or guarde3d to comfortable and at ease. [I'd like to see] everyone in the hospital share and become a part of the project.

Anonymous Attendee

"It gave me a better understanding of why people are the way they are and how to work with people more effectively...I thought it was the perfect balance of instruction and real-world examples. It can be life-changing!"


K. Goebel, Sales

"I felt electrified and plugged in just being here! Great info"

 R. Meadows, Henry Ford Health Systems

"I've learned the guys I work with have a process of doing things that are not necessarily wrong, just different than the way. Ido things!"


I cannot say enough great things about this workshop.

Prior to attending, I was having some very basic, vague thoughts about improving my business and taking it to a new level. In the middle of this workshop, I felt so much energy and was so comfortable speaking with the women present that I blurted out my ideas, thoughts, feelings, fears, etc. and I could literally feel myself transforming.

I went from thinking “maybe I can” to “I will; here I go” and from “but what if I fail” to “show them what you’ve got, baby!”

Whether you’re a business owner or not, this workshop will enlighten and empower you! Too often, I overlook my personality strengths, dismissing them for “natural” or “not that important.” But now, owning my strengths and really understanding the details of my strengths has changed my perspective on my business and life moving forward.

I feel proud to know who I am and what makes me unique and I love using that knowledge to connect the dots in my life.

The connections that I made with the other women at the workshop were also amazing! You could just feel the energy being passed back and forth and words of encouragement and understanding being exchanged.

Everyone comes to this workshop at different stages in their lives and with different strengths, making it extremely fun and interesting to learn from one another. DO NOT MISS IT."

- Jessica Pospiech/Heltsey, Mediator, Coach, and Attorney