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Hi, I'm Nicole Wipp, founder and CEO of The Results Catalyst

At The Results Catalyst, we help business leaders break the cycles of pervasive energy problems... know the ones I'm talking about:  BURNOUT AND OVERWHELM....

the hidden "thieves" of mental energy/emotional energy/personal productivity

that keep them - their teams - and their businesses, stuck.

Bottom Line?

We help our clients get even better RESULTS through PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT.

Bring Out The Best In Yourself - And Your Business


Discover Your Business's Greatest Competitive Advantage

My team and I have worked with entrepreneurs, small business and corporate clients to improve individual, business and group performance for over 15 years, with the highest levels of client satisfaction.

I'd love to help you, too!

Individual Coaching & Consulting

One of the most satisfying parts of our company is the work we do to impact the lives of individuals.  While much of this work is done in group settings, Nicole works with a very limited amount of individuals on personalized strategies for success.

As an entrepreneur with over two decades of successful business ownership and multiple startups, combined with expertise in marketing strategy, practical legal knowledge, extensive speaking and public relations experience, and leadership development, Nicole is an ideal coach or consultant for high-performing individuals.


Entrepreneur & Small Business Development

You know that trying to do everything yourself is a recipe for disaster. But you also know that hiring the wrong team can drain precious timemoney, and energy from both you - and your business. 

So how do you hire the right team, and make sure you - and they - are doing the "right things?"

The first step is discovering YOUR unique strengths as a leader -- the catalysts that will propel you to take your business to the next level.  

Your drive, instinct, and mental energy in how you work is what I’ve coined your “Entrepreneurial Instinct Catalyst.”


Corporate Services, Trainings & Workshops

We combine real-world experience and an innovation mindset with practical solutions to create performance results for you, your team, and your company.

The Results Catalyst services and programs drive measurable organizational change through evidence-based solutions.

Our work infuses productive energy into teams and process, which accelerates career progression, grows cultures of innovation, and drives marketplace success.

Even better?  Teams love working with us.






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