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Don't "Should" On Me!

When you think about all the things you SHOULD be doing, it's easy to come up with stuff, right?

You should exercise more.  You should spend more quality time with your kids.  You should start that business you keep talking about.  You should  learn how to present yourself better so you can get what you want.  You should _____________ (fill in the blank).

But what is hard, really, is having absolute clarity on what you shouldn't be doing.

I'm Not Talking About Bad Habits, Though

Just like the easy "should's", it's easy to say, I shouldn't drink, be a couch potato, eat ice cream every night, bite my get the point.

I'm talking about the things that suck the life out of you.  That make you tired, and irritable, on a daily basis.  That when you do them, you feel like you're pushing a boulder uphill.

The things that make you unproductive and ineffective - or at the very least, less productive and effective.

Those are the things you shouldn't be doing.

The Problem With Shouldn't

The problem with shouldn't, however, is that it is hard to be clear about what that really is.  Why?  Our responsibilities, and our perceptions of responsibilities.

We hae "responsibilities" at work - toward our spouses - with our kids - our parents - to our communities - it goes on and on.  And this is the reason why the "should" list gets sooooooooooo long.

The Shortcut to Clarity on The Shouldn't

For me, the Kolbe A assessment was the biggest "ah-ha" in moving toward how to say "NO" - so much so that, years after discovering it and then using it successfully in my businesses and life, I became a certified Kolbe consultant.

Get Your Kolbe Plus Extra Info To Propel Clarity On Shouldn't

Until March 31, I'm offering the Kolbe A plus extra coaching reports - a total value of over $100, for the cost of just taking the Kolbe.  (Use coupon code WIPP25) No, I am not making money on this - I'm not trying to.  I just think that people need to discover this about themselves, to be able to move forward more powerfully than ever.

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