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Why Working On Your Weaknesses Is a Waste of Time (But Knowing Them Isn't)

Our weaknesses.  Ugh. NOT a pleasant topic... just thinking about my own makes my energy go straight into the toilet.

It seems like "fixing our flaws" is the way to go, doesn't it?  Trying to be a better person by changing that which is the worst in us is really a great idea, right? 

I don't think so, actually.  I think we become a better person, a better leader, a better entrepreneur...when we do the opposite: when we do even more of what already makes us great.

What Makes You Uniquely Awesome?

I've been asked, many times, what has been the single biggest thing that catapulted my business and income over the last several years, especially since much of the growth happened during and after my being diagnosed with a rare lung disease.

For so many years in work and business, I had no idea what would make me stand out, as a success (or even as a failure) from other people.  What I ended up learning was much like the journey of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - I...

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