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The Value Of Authenticity - Was This An Insult, Or a Compliment?

authenticity Sep 06, 2018

Something happened today that I just had to share, because it reminded me of the absolute value of authenticity - staying TRUE to who you are, especially in business.  

KEEPING IT REAL: Who are you, anyway??? 
(Was this an insult, or a compliment?)

Today I went to go see a dying client and her spouse in a nursing home. We spent over an hour talking over many different things, but the point of the meeting was for me to lay out my plan to solve a major problem.

At the end of the meeting, I asked her: "do you feel any better - that we are getting this all taken care of?" She said yes, and then...

She was getting tired, and fading out a little. But a few minutes later, she looked at me and said...

"I don't mean to offend you, honey, but you aren't what I was expecting."

- I hear this a lot, but of course I was curious, so I asked her what she meant. -

"Well, you aren't as tall as I thought you'd be. 
Or as sleek. 
Or as glamorous."

My immediate reaction - a...

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Cultivating Your Greatest Competitive Advantage - YOU

What is your greatest competitive advantage, and how do you discover it?

Have You Ever Felt Stuck, or Ineffective?

Remember the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz?

There he was...up on this pole, in the middle of Oz somewhere to scare crows away from a field. Now, if you remember right, he wasn’t doing a very good job at it.

Then, he went with Dorothy on a journey...a journey where he discovered so many things about himself and his friends that led them to places where they never expected to go. Places that made them successful, in their own unique ways.

Discovering Your Own Brand Of Success: Your Competitive Advantage

Just like them, you've always had the power - you just need to discover it for yourself.

This power I am talking about is YOUR greatest competitive advantage, which is really - YOU.

So what is the story of The Wizard of Oz really about anyway? Realizing your potential? Coming home to yourself? Overcoming your doubts and fears?

I think that it is really about the ...

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How I Had A 58.63 Percent Revenue Increase - Working Half Time

Here I am in Louisville, getting ready to take the stage.

 I'm a huge believer in practicing what you preach, and that's why I was really excited when my own businesses' numbers came in this month.

 It was somewhat of a miracle ... we discovered that not only did we have our highest revenue month EVER - but it was a whopping 58.63% increase over the average of every other month this year! 

The fact of the matter is, though, that we didn't do much to make it happen.  Just a few tweaks here and there...but then, there was something even more amazing.

My Team Wasn't Even In Communication With Me More Than Half The Month!

The craziest part about it is that I was gone almost the entire month.  GONE.  In Phoenix.  In Dallas. In Louisville.  In Miami.  In Washington D.C.

I wasn't doing immediate revenue-generating things while I was gone, with one very small exception.   Yet, my team kept everything going.  They made it happen - and...

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How To Achieve a $10,000 Day (Hint: It's Not About The Money)

A few years ago, I came to a conclusion. If I couldn't make at least $10,000 in a day, I wasn't going to go to work.


I agree. But it's true. I made a conscious decision that going into work wasn't worth it, if the result wasn't at least a 10k day.

Now, I know that some of you are thinking - no way, I could never do that, you're a lawyer so it’s different, you're Nicole so it’s different, my work or business could never result in my making that kind of money....(insert objection here).

This is the thing. You actually CAN do it, and none of the objections you made (or the ones I made for you) are really holding you back. The other thing that isn't holding you back is the actual sum of 10k, or 50k, or even $500.

Your Money Blocks (And Mine)

If you ask most people if they would like to make a million dollars a year, they'd say yes. But for most, that “Yes” is qualified - what would you need to do, to make that kind of (or more) money?

  • Would...
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Why Working On Your Weaknesses Is a Waste of Time (But Knowing Them Isn't)

Our weaknesses.  Ugh. NOT a pleasant topic... just thinking about my own makes my energy go straight into the toilet.

It seems like "fixing our flaws" is the way to go, doesn't it?  Trying to be a better person by changing that which is the worst in us is really a great idea, right? 

I don't think so, actually.  I think we become a better person, a better leader, a better entrepreneur...when we do the opposite: when we do even more of what already makes us great.

What Makes You Uniquely Awesome?

I've been asked, many times, what has been the single biggest thing that catapulted my business and income over the last several years, especially since much of the growth happened during and after my being diagnosed with a rare lung disease.

For so many years in work and business, I had no idea what would make me stand out, as a success (or even as a failure) from other people.  What I ended up learning was much like the journey of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - I...

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Smart Planning For Entrepreneurs: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

I'm involved in several groups related to entrepreneurship, and I gotta say, it is one of my favorite things in the world.  I absolutely love being around high-energy, achieving people - it totally feeds my personal energy.

In March 2016 I was challenged to do a talk, limited to 10 minutes, that would bring either $250,000 value or $250,000 savings to a group of entrepreneurs at the Genius Network.  These days, I'm not easily intimidated, but I really was for this one!  Somehow I got my big girl panties on and made it happen.  :) The good news?  It was well received.

In this video, I talk about how I was unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare lung disease, and ultimately had to spend an extended time in the hospital, and then recovering.  This could have been a business disaster, but it wasn' fact, we went on that year to make more money than ever. 

This wasn't by accident.  It takes smart planning.

This video, which captured my talk,...

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The Biggest Game Changer For Entrepreneurs

Don't "Should" On Me!

When you think about all the things you SHOULD be doing, it's easy to come up with stuff, right?

You should exercise more.  You should spend more quality time with your kids.  You should start that business you keep talking about.  You should  learn how to present yourself better so you can get what you want.  You should _____________ (fill in the blank).

But what is hard, really, is having absolute clarity on what you shouldn't be doing.

I'm Not Talking About Bad Habits, Though

Just like the easy "should's", it's easy to say, I shouldn't drink, be a couch potato, eat ice cream every night, bite my get the point.

I'm talking about the things that suck the life out of you.  That make you tired, and irritable, on a daily basis.  That when you do them, you feel like you're pushing a boulder uphill.

The things that make you unproductive and ineffective - or at the very least, less productive and effective.

Those are...

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Are YOU A Racehorse, Or A Workhorse?

The other day in my mastermind group, one of the focuses was on how we take care of ourselves, and how it affects our personal productivity.  It sparked a lot of conversation because the premise was intriguing:

"Say you have a million dollar racehorse.  Your goal is to get that horse to win!  So, to do this, do you feed it crap, work it too hard, don't allow it to rest, and never give it a day off?  

No, of course not.

You feed the horse the best food available, and ensure that it has adequate nutrition.  You make sure the horse works out, but not too hard, or it won't be able to perform at its best.  You make sure that it has the rest it needs, inlcuding the days off it must have to be at its best performance level...right?  Otherwise, what is the point of having a million dollar racehorse?"

Are You Treating Yourself Like a Racehorse, or A Workhorse?

Think about it. What are your dietary habits like? Your workouts - do you work yourself too...

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Charging What You're Worth - The Challenge

business self-worth success Apr 14, 2016

One of the biggest challenges of all entrepreneurs, but especially female entrepreneurs, is gathering the courage to charge what you're worth.

It seems silly, but it is oh-so-true...and as hard as it may be for some of you to believe, I struggled BIG TIME with this for years. 

What made the difference?  How did I turn it around?

Join me Thursday, April 14 at 4:00 p.m. EST on my Nicole Wipp Facebook Page - LIVE! to find out.


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Facebook Live Challenge - Week 1 Schedule

facebooklive Mar 31, 2016

Did you hear about the "Facebook Live" Challenge I set for myself this month?  If not, learn about it here

If yes, and you want to know what you might be getting yourself in for, here's the first week schedule.  I would LOVE feedback, participation, and suggestions - that's actually what motivates me, so please, do it by posting on my page!

Want the schedule emailed to you for your reference? Click Here to Get The Schedule Emailed to You  



Schedule for WEEK 1 - Friday, April 1 - Thursday, April 7:

Find Your Focus Friday (April 1):

Why Fixing Your Flaws is A Bunch of Crap (You're Awesome, and This is Why)

Smart Success Saturday (April 2):

10 Business Lessons I Learned From Doing Yoga

Social NOTWorking Sunday  (April 3):

Why A Paycheck Isn't Security (How To Achieve Real Financial Security)

Motivation Monday (April 4):

Book Banter & Giveaway (Dan Sullivan's "Wanting What You Want")

"That's A Good Question" Tuesday (April 5):

What Do You...

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