How To Achieve a $10,000 Day (Hint: It's Not About The Money)

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A few years ago, I came to a conclusion. If I couldn't make at least $10,000 in a day, I wasn't going to go to work.


I agree. But it's true. I made a conscious decision that going into work wasn't worth it, if the result wasn't at least a 10k day.

Now, I know that some of you are thinking - no way, I could never do that, you're a lawyer so it’s different, you're Nicole so it’s different, my work or business could never result in my making that kind of money....(insert objection here).

This is the thing. You actually CAN do it, and none of the objections you made (or the ones I made for you) are really holding you back. The other thing that isn't holding you back is the actual sum of 10k, or 50k, or even $500.

Your Money Blocks (And Mine)

If you ask most people if they would like to make a million dollars a year, they'd say yes. But for most, that “Yes” is qualified - what would you need to do, to make that kind of (or more) money?

  • Would you need to work constantly?
  • Would you have to sacrifice having a “life” - spending time with friends and family?
  • Would you burn yourself out, and regret your choices?

Productivity Is the Key

When it comes down to it, if you want to avoid the pain of working too much and sacrificing everything you care about, you have to achieve a massive level of productivity.

Unfortunately, most of us spend way too much time focusing on things that simply don’t serve us, and productivity goes out the window. Some of these things you know already - like being on social media, too much TV, etc…but there is something that you probably don’t know.

The Secret Productivity Weapon: Conation

What is the productive entrepreneur’s secret weapon? In a word: conation.

Conation is, admittedly, an obscure word, especially for something that is so important. It’s been listed as one of the “1,000 Most Obscure Words In The English Language” by author Norman Schur, but has been around since at least the time of Aristotle.

So what is conation?

At its most basic, conation is the part of the mind that deals with our natural tendency towards striving or directed effort. It is the source of our mental energy.

Both the fields of pyschology and philosophy recognize that we have three parts of the mind: the cognitive, which directs our intellect or our skills; the affective, which is our personality and our motivation; and then conative.

How a person uses their mental energy is very dependent on their conative makeup -- as much, if not more, than personality or intellect. For entrepreneurs, this affects how you take action on the various “to-do’s” that you have each day. It also affects, fundamentally, your energy levels when you are doing thing that go against your natural, innate action-taking style.

Discover How To Increase Your Personal Productivity Through Conation

To achieve maximum productivity, you need to be working with your Conative energy, not against it. If you have a team, they need to be doing the same. When this happens, I promise's magic. And a 10k day becomes - effortless.

In order to help entrepreneurs start to learn about their own Conative energies, and how they work within teams, I created a quick 8 question quiz. You’ll discover:

  • Are you a Flexible Adapter, a Fine Tuner, or a Structured Planner?
  • How your style helps you execute as a leader
  • What your major productivity catalysts AND inhibitors are
  • How to use your style to work more productively with your team
    ...and more!

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