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Cultivating Your Greatest Competitive Advantage - YOU

What is your greatest competitive advantage, and how do you discover it?

Have You Ever Felt Stuck, or Ineffective?

Remember the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz?

There he was...up on this pole, in the middle of Oz somewhere to scare crows away from a field. Now, if you remember right, he wasn’t doing a very good job at it.

Then, he went with Dorothy on a journey...a journey where he discovered so many things about himself and his friends that led them to places where they never expected to go. Places that made them successful, in their own unique ways.

Discovering Your Own Brand Of Success: Your Competitive Advantage

Just like them, you've always had the power - you just need to discover it for yourself.

This power I am talking about is YOUR greatest competitive advantage, which is really - YOU.

So what is the story of The Wizard of Oz really about anyway? Realizing your potential? Coming home to yourself? Overcoming your doubts and fears?

I think that it is really about the ...

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