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Are YOU A Racehorse, Or A Workhorse?

The other day in my mastermind group, one of the focuses was on how we take care of ourselves, and how it affects our personal productivity.  It sparked a lot of conversation because the premise was intriguing:

"Say you have a million dollar racehorse.  Your goal is to get that horse to win!  So, to do this, do you feed it crap, work it too hard, don't allow it to rest, and never give it a day off?  

No, of course not.

You feed the horse the best food available, and ensure that it has adequate nutrition.  You make sure the horse works out, but not too hard, or it won't be able to perform at its best.  You make sure that it has the rest it needs, inlcuding the days off it must have to be at its best performance level...right?  Otherwise, what is the point of having a million dollar racehorse?"

Are You Treating Yourself Like a Racehorse, or A Workhorse?

Think about it. What are your dietary habits like? Your workouts - do you work yourself too...

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