International Womens Day | Do Your Thing And Don't Care If They Like It

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It's International Women's Day, and I couldn't think of a more appropriate thing to say than this:


And this is true, by the way, whether you're a woman or a man...because it really doesn't matter.

THAT BEING SAID, I'm going to take this opportunity to celebrate women, especially the women I know and admire.  

Everywhere I turn, I see women I know doing amazing things.  Sometimes, that amazing thing is staying home and simply taking care of the children. (I think that is a heroine's journey, personally.) Supporting their spouse, emotionally, financially, personally.  Working every day, getting the kids fed, clothed, homework-ed, activit-ied, and starting all over again.

I tell you what, no matter what anyone says, that takes grit.

What I wish, though, for all of the women I know, is that you don't lose yourself in the process.  Celebrate yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Acknowledge that you are a separate person, outside of your family, and that you have gifts to offer that have nothing to do with them. 

In that process, try not to care what other people think.  I absolutely hate the pressure that we have today to "have it all," as if that is a real choice.  

No, we sacrifice. I think, all too much, that we sacrifice in the name of what other people think.  

"Having it all" is a relative term. Personally, I like to work.  I think it makes me a better person.  I feel guilty that I like it so much.  But yes, I love my son and husband wildly.  Does this make me a bad person, should I change what I do as a result?

I know that most of you would say, of course not.  But then, would you say the same thing to yourself?  I laugh, because I know very well that the thing I would tell a friend isn't necessarily the thing I tell myself when I'm sitting in my own head.

Go get your hair done. Get a massage.  Color in your adult coloring book for hours.  Go for a long run.  Work on your business, or starting your business.  Whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you a better person.  Do the thing that you get lost in, the thing that gives you confidence, the thing that makes you look in the mirror and say, "hey sister, you're pretty awesome today." 

Do Your Thing And Don't Care If They Like It

...and then, do it again tomorrow.

With LOVE!  Happy International Women's Day!