Are You Meant For More?

The first time I saw this quote by John Shedd, I was sort of electrified.

Was I really built for the life I was currently living?

Secretly, and somewhat to my shame, the answer was no.

In fact, I was the perfect example of that safe ship in harbor.  Sitting, carefully, in a safe little zone.  Nice family. Nice home. Nice business. Everything neat and tidy.

I understand why I did this.  Growing up, I certainly didn't live any type of a life of luxury.  My single parent mother and I had to get by in whatever ways we could.  In order to feel even a little financially secure, I started working at age 11 and I really haven't ever stopped. Like all people, I created a life in reaction to my previous experiences.

Now, despite that, I realize some people will shout at me (or to themselves) WELL, YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL! QUIT WHINING!

...True.  But.

I've honestly come to believe that it doesn't matter how much I HAVE, it is what I am doing with the gifts that were given to me when I came into this world, the gifts I've developed, the gifts I have yet to develop, that truly matters.

The thing is, I am grateful. In fact, very much so.  I love my family, my home, my team, my business. These are all real blessings in my life.

But this is the thing -  do we really think that we were put on this earth to accumulate stuff, live whatever life comes our way, and be grateful for it?  Even if we have worked hard to get what we have?

I don't believe that.  Ships were not built to sit in harbor. They were built to brave oceans, travel between continents, carry passengers to their destinations.  They were built for more.

Similarly, I believe that I, and you, are built for more. In fact, I'd go so far as to argue that, if you fail in trying to live to the limits of your capabilities, you are failing whatever creator you believe caused you to be here in the first place.

It can't be that we were meant to live safe, tidy little lives full of a lot of "things." Things are nice and money is necessary - absolutely.   What we have to do is simple in statement, but hard in reality - we have to do what we were truly built for. 

The beauty of it is, that is different for each of us.