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As an expert in building successful businesses through powerful teams, Nicole is an action-and-results oriented, articulate and energetic guest or speaker, that can add value to your training, podcast or speaking event.

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Why Me?

If you're an event planner and need an engaging, energizing speaker that leaves your attendees feeling like they've received value, here's why I can help you get a WIN:


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"Your presentation was consistent with my education, MBA in Marketing and 18 years of experience in consulting.

You took me beyond that and focused more on a number of good ideas for moving ahead in a changing world."

Jerry Scrivo
Detroit, MI

"Loved [your presentation]! Wonderful, specific information that we can utilize in business right away!"

Beth Skochelak
Katherine’s Catering / Lyon Oaks Conference Center

"Nicole's explanations are clear and compelling. I feel completely re-energized and re-focused!"

Angela Shields

"I was validated...fantastic session.

Loved the demo - incredibly accurate."

Jeannie Gardin-Russell
Financial Architects

Expert Topics

Beside what you see below, feel free to download my speaker sheet to learn even more about the topics I speak on:

Creating Productive & Profitable Teams

One of the biggest costs of organizations is the visible AND hidden costs of burn out, disengagement, and team members not being utilized to their fullest capacity.

Building a great team that is a catalyst to success, however, isn't so easy...as anyone that's tried it before can tell you.

Nicole gives the audience a new way to think about hiring the right people, without the headache!

Dealing With Conflict

Unmanaged employee conflict is perhaps the larges reducible cost in organizations today- and probably the least recognized.

Yet, we can make conflict productive, instead of destructive...and turn an unprofitable, performance-robbing and stress-inducing situation or team into one that is a well-oiled, high-functioning team.

In this talk, Nicole discusses what it takes to make that happen!  


Developing Your Personal Brand & Business Marketing

In these talks, Nicole discusses how to develop individual's confidence in leadership, personal marketing or branding through an in-depth discovery of personal strengths and mental energies;


Using her own experience in building multi-million dollar businesses, how to use unique strategies and science in your business marketing to get RESULTS!

Speaking Events:

Here are just a few of the events Nicole has been a featured speaker at:

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