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Media & Speaking | Nicole Wipp

As a Healthy Success Strategist, Nicole Wipp works with businesses and individuals on incorporating actionable, holistic approaches to business, personal and financial prosperity.

Nicole is the creator of the Innate Impact Workshop, the host of the Smart Planning 101 Podcast, author of the #1 bestselling book, Dear Mom & Dad, Help Me Help You, and the founder and principal attorney at the Family & Aging Law Center.  On a personal level, she is a mother, a wife, and a survivor of a rare lung disease.  

Her varied business and personal interests have given rise to a robust and ever-expanding consulting business and public speaking platform, where she uses her knowledge and experience to help others to learn how to achieve their own ambitious results, through smart planning.

Nicole is frequently sought out to educate and comment on topics related to women in business, legal and financial planning, entrepreneurial activity, health advocacy, and making a personal and professional impact.  She has been a speaker educator on national stages, including the Wealthcounsel Annual Symposium and the American Society on Aging’s Annual Aging in America Conference. Aside from local press, she has been quoted in or appeared on the New York Daily News, Business News Daily, Lawpreneur Radio, Money For Lunch, The Art Of Lawyering Podcast, The Huddle Podcast, the Click & Mortar Podcast, A Second Chance Podcast, and the Law Podcasting Podcast, among others, and was a featured expert on the Cross Border Business Symposium.

Expert Topics: A Sample

Nicole is available for comment, interview, and presentation on any of the following topics:

Business & Finance

  • The key missing link that business owners need to ensure that their business survives if they have an unexpected illness or accident (very few actually do this, why its crucial to business survival, and therefore, their own financial security)
  • Why investing in your health is the best long term "financial" decision you will make

Innate Impact

  • Why clarity on your personal strengths, how you do your best work, and the motivations behind why you do what you do are essential to success and happiness
  • How to reinforce mental strength around getting paid what you're worth, and the impact it makes on your bottom line (from 5 figures to seven figures or more) - how this is crucial to building wealth and happiness
  • Tips on how to preserve, conserve and renew personal energy

Patient Centered Care and Patient Advocacy

  • What "patient centered care" means to patients
  • The critical importance of patients and self-advocacy (tips on self-advocacy)
  • Why women's health is a matter of urgency to our nation

Law & Aging

  • Why needing care is the greatest threat to your/your parent's financial security (and why you need to be aware of this today, instead of when it is too late)
  • Tips on how to approach talking about money and planning with aging parents