Leverage Personal Productivity With Kolbe A

$100.00 USD

  • This is an introductory package to the Kolbe A Index.

    Get conative!  Learn how you do your best work and display your best self, not through personality or smarts, but using your hardwired instincts.  This is a first step in learning what you SHOULDN'T be doing - what is holding you back, depleting your energy, and keeping you from reaching your full potential.

    This knowlege is crucial to leveraging your ability to get things done in a way that reduces stress and conflict for you, and those around you.


    - 1 Full Kolbe A Index (49.00 value)

    - Kolbe Coaching Report to help you leverage your results and make them even more impactful (35.00 value)

    -"A to A" Report with Nicole to demonstrate how powerful it can be in working and personal relationships (25.00 value)

    Your Kolbe A Code to take the index will be emailed to you within 2 business days.  If you have issues or questions, please contact Julie at [email protected]



  • Don't over-think it.
  • Answer not based on what you CAN do (you can do any of it, most likely), or what you are WILLING to do, but honestly on what you would prefer to do, if you were given complete freedom to do it the way you wanted.  This is essential to getting the best result for you.

Remember: Kolbe isn't about what is WRONG with you...it's about what is RIGHT with you.  Be honest with yourself!

What People Are Saying:

"It gave me a better understanding of why people are the way the are, and how to work with people more effectively. Everyone should take it - it can be life-changing!"

S. Halliday

It helped me realize that I'm not better or worse for being a specific way; I'm just different. Difference is a strength, not a weakness. This isn't restrictive - it's freedom. Once you figure out how to use Kolbe, you can just be yourself."

Dan Zech

"I was validated [by what I learned]...I absolutely recommend!

Jeanne Gardini-Russell

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