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Nicole Wipp is an expert in helping business leaders get even better results through performance development. Nicole is passionate about helping individuals and teams break the cycles of pervasive energy problems that keep people, teams, and their businesses, stuck.

As an experienced entrepreneur and small business consultant, she is the founder and CEO of The Results Catalyst, a consulting and training firm that provides a range of leadership, team creation, coaching, team building and retention services to business leaders worldwide.

Nicole has trained hundreds of people in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings on how to build powerful teams, and has been a speaker for the Great Lakes Women's Business Conference, Lawyers With Purpose, Wealth Counsel Symposium, Rare Lung Disease Consortium, and Cross Border Business Symposium. She is a frequent guest on top podcasts including From Stuck to Unstoppable and Unbreakable Success, and she’s been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, the NY Daily News, Business News Daily, and Yahoo! Finance. She’s also the author of the bestselling book Dear Mom and Dad: Help Me Help You.

Wipp Enterprises LLC is a Everything DiSC certified solutions provider and is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

In addition to her work as a consultant, Nicole is an asset protection lawyer and she leads a top boutique elder law firm in Milford, MI. She splits her time between Michigan and Hawaii with her husband and son.

Expert Topics

Nicole is available for comment on any of the following topics:

  • Building Entrepreneurial Teams That Make Money (& Don't Drive You Crazy)
  • How To Build A Business That Runs Without You
    How to Draw on Your Team Members’ Unique Strengths so They Produce High Quality Work
  • The Right Way to Solve Conflicts at the Office
  • How to Find and Hire Amazing Talent
  • How to Optimize You and Your Team Member’s Productive Energy to Dramatically Improve Your Results
  • Incorporating the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Company Culture

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