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Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Be Seen As The "Go-To" Person In Your Industry Or Company

(Even If You Feel That Self-Promotion Is Gross Or Uncomfortable!)



  • How an in-depth understanding of YOUR Innate Impact will enable you to position yourself as a leader in your organization or industry;
  • Why this understanding of Innate Impact is essential to breakthroughs when you have plateaued professionally or with your income;
  • How to leverage yourself and your Innate Impact when you want to quantify your professional growth or income with your boss, your clients, or your peers.

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By using the step-by-step Innate Impact Guidebook and videos, you will:

  • Discover How To Get People To Immediately See Your Value And Want To Hire, Promote Or Pay You
  • Escape The Professional Traps of Mediocrity, Commoditization And One-Dimensionalism
  • Use Those Personality Tests on Your Hard Drive To Actually Accomplish Something
  • Effortlessly Talk About Yourself In A Way That Doesn't Feel Inauthentic, Salesy Or Braggy
  • Helps You Clarify Your Unique Value So That Others See You As The "Go-To" Person In Your Job Or Industry

And in the end, you will have...

  • My Proven, One Week Method To Create Your Personal Power Positioning Statement!
Let's Do This!

Hi, I'm Nicole Wipp

When I first started in business, I struggled with the confidence to charge what I was worth, and help clients understand why they would want to choose ME over anyone else.

This was an unpleasant and difficult experience, because I had worked so hard to get where I was.  I just couldn't accept that this was going to be the obstacle to my success.

Over the years, I spent way too much money and worked hard to gain the confidence to have influence and make an impact.

The process of how to talk about myself in a professional way, but still showing up as a "whole person" was, and is, very important to me.

That's why I spent the time and energy to develop this concept I call "Innate Impact" - the process of documenting and using the things about myself and others that demonstrate what makes each of us uniquely valuable.

Today, I've worked on this process with hundreds of individuals, groups and teams - business professionals and entrepreneurs that want to "up their game" and make an even bigger impact.

The thing I hear most often?  That this process changed their life - AND that they wished they had done it earlier in their career.

That's why I'm offering this now at this price.  We need people showing up with their "best selves" and making an impact even more than ever.  Our country, even our world, needs you and your unique gifts to get through these difficult times.

So please - join me, and the hundreds of others that have called this "life changing!"

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Here's What Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals Like You Have To Say About The Value Of This Content

Brandy Jones

Mando Corporation

[Nicole] helped me to focus on how well I communicate with my co-workers & also whether my communication is effective...the information was great. 

“Loved this! Wonderful specific information that we can utilize in business right away!"

Beth Skochelak

Katherine's Catering

Kimie Kitahara

Automotive Executive

[Nicole] gave me a much greater understanding of influencing people and how to understand myself and others in order to persuade.

"Nicole helped me see that by improving my communication skills, changing some of my “bad habits’, and believing that I could succeed – I was capable of achieving whatever goals I set my eyes on.

Fast forward to today – instead of working in an environment where I am left relying on others to determine my success, I am responsible for procuring 2 long term clients which will aid in doubling my income this year. In addition, I have opportunities in the pipeline and am reminded daily of how far I’ve come since that first phone call with Nicole."

-Kim Scott, Back Pocket Property Resources

This isn't just some "feel-good" exercise - it's for a practical, get-it-done purpose


Once you've completed your Innate Impact Guidebook and the exercises, you'll be able to use the results to drastically improve your:

  • LinkedIn Profile
  • "About" Page
  • Email Signature
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing Materials
  • Resume
  • Elevator Speech
  • OR...any place, or at any time, you want to show the BEST OF YOU!
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I cannot say enough great things.

Prior to [this], I was having some very basic, vague thoughts about improving my business and taking it to a new level. In the middle of this ... I could literally feel myself transforming.

I went from thinking “maybe I can” to “I will; here I go” and from “but what if I fail” to “show them what you’ve got, baby!”

Whether you’re a business owner or not, this will enlighten and empower you! Too often, I overlook my personality strengths, dismissing them for “natural” or “not that important.” But now, owning my strengths and really understanding the details of my strengths has changed my perspective on my business and life moving forward.

I feel proud to know who I am and what makes me unique and I love using that knowledge to connect the dots in my life.

Everyone comes to this at different stages in their lives and with different strengths, making it extremely fun and interesting to learn from one another. DO NOT MISS IT."

- Jessica Pospiech/Heltsey - Collaborative Attorney

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