But I am also a boy-dog-horse mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend.  In other words, human! 



But if you're tired of working so hard, if you feel like you should be farther along by now, if your team isn't supporting you in your creativity and growth...

You Do Need A

I used to work 100 hours a week

(no joke) 

But today, I only work 8 days a month

(and that's running three different companies!) 

When I started my career, I was like most others: driven to succeed and willing to work as much as it took to get where I thought I wanted to go.

What I found out was that success is elusive - no matter what I achieved, it never felt like enough.  Even worse, the reward for trying so hard was just more work.

(Sound familiar?)

I was working 100 hour weeks with no end in sight.  Yes, I was making great money.  But my family suffered and so did my health.

I was miserable, but couldn't show it - outwardly, things seemed great!  Plus, I had bills to pay.  What could I do, but continue?

Here's what I did: I made a decision.  A decision that this was not going to be my life.  A decision that I wanted freedom, on my terms.

That's how the Results Catalyst and the 9 Freedom Catalysts were born.

Today, I have been able to move my family from Michigan to Hawaii - still run my Michigan based law firm - created a consultancy that thrives and gets bigger every year, and also created a Hawaii based version of my law firm.

And I do it all making WAY MORE than I did when I was working those 100-hour weeks, all while working the equivalent of 8 days a month!

Bottom line: it's possible.  I did it! You can do it, too.

Places To Connect

10 Random Pieces Of Information About Me 

ONE: I looooooove mangoes 🥭, horses 🐴 and dogs 🐕 (ok, that's already 3, but who's counting??)

TWO: Until 9/11, I was a flight attendant for a major airline. I wanted to travel the world! (And did, for a time)

THREE: I am licensed to practice law in two states: MI & HI (and I have law firms in both)

FOUR:  My Kolbe A is 8282, which led Kathy Kolbe to say, "you poor thing" the first time she met me 🤣

FIVE: I was raised by a single mother and as a mom now, I have unending compassion for parents that do it alone


SIX: I still have many of my friends from grade school, high school, college, AND law school, plus various co-workers from places I've worked.  I don't like to lose people!

SEVEN: I used to be petrified of public speaking, but now, after speaking and presenting to thousands of people worldwide, I love it

EIGHT: I am not a laid-back person. At all. 🔥

NINE: Despite everything I said ⬆ , I am NOT an extrovert.  Call me ambivert (Thank you Daniel Pink!)

TEN: I'd much rather read the book 📚 than watch the movie 


Values & Philosophy

Time, Money, People

In my life and work, the search for freedom and the implementation of freedom for both myself and my clients is a key value we share.  Freedom consists of multiple facets - freedom to have the time to do things with the people I want, when I want; freedom to have the money to live and invest in people and things that are important in my life; and freedom to only work with clients that are in alignment with what I do best.  Freedom is a sense of independence; that I can do and can figure out how; that I choose my own version of success, not someone else's.

The Key To Any Individual Success Story

There is a great benefit in understanding the commonalities among people, but I am constantly intrigued by others’ unique qualities. I am always working toward discovering and appreciating what I and others do best, and then creating the space and capabilities to make that uniqueness a part of any individual's success story.

Planning Plus Action


I want things to happen, and I want to make them happen!  Without results, there is no impact. For myself and others, I am always looking for ways to improve the ability to get results, including the building of competencies, mental strength, will & persistence....but also building the right systems, processes, teams, and capabilities to make it all work - seamlessly.  I value turning thoughts, ideas, and concepts into action - and this value gets results. 

The THRILL of Accomplishment


Taking on challenges - striving toward a goal - is the way I feel alive! enjoy taking on challenges as well as giving others opportunities to exceed themselves in ways they haven't yet accomplished. Constantly looking for ways to make things better, never saying "why I can't" but always saying "how we can",  and "keeping the bar high" for myself and others is true living, in my view - so that we can achieve the things we are put on earth to achieve!  

Don't Hide


I value when people speak up, even when (or especially if) no one else will.  To me, the phrase "go along to get along" is one to be avoided when necessary and appropriate.  It's brave, I believe, to speak truth when doing otherwise holds you as an emotional hostage.  In my world, truth should rarely be used as a weapon, but rather as a way to learn and grow.

 Sharon K., Paralegal

Before working with Nicole, I had never really participated in any type of testing regarding my personality, my strengths or my work. I was really skeptical that the results would tell me anything other than what I already knew about myself or that they would change anything about me or my work...I was wrong.  Now I really look at how I am and what I do and understand it on a whole new level. It is now not about changing to get rid of the things that I don't like about myself but it is being aware of my strengths and using those to burst me forward.

Angela Ghannam, Attorney

Learning this changed my life...I work less and make more money. Aside from allowing me and my team member to work in our strengths, it has also improved my client relationships (resulting in more referrals!). Even better, I am infinitely less stressed.

Nicole's explanations are clear and compelling.

I feel completely re-energized and focused, and I feel like I can actually make changes that are personalized for me instead of one-size-fits-all "best practices.