Hi, I’m Nicole Wipp

and I’m an experienced entrepreneur and small business consultant who helps business leaders create powerful teams...by bringing out the best in themselves and their employees.  

You Know That Trying To Do It All Yourself Is A Recipe For Disaster

You're smart, and you've achieved some success...but it isn't enough for you, and now it's time to take it to the next level.

If you're a solopreneur or a small team business owner, you mean business with your business.

This isn't a hobby, or playtime for you.  You're in it to win it.

You don't want just to make money. You want freedom.

But you've gotten to a place where you’re realizing that handling every single piece on your own… is going to wear you down - and if that happens, your business will fail.

It takes a smart person to realize that the myth of the wildly successful solopreneur is simply that: a myth. (Even if someone can do it, they burn out quickly!) It takes an amazing team, with their own unique strengths - built around YOUR unique strengths, to really make your business a powerhouse-center-of-money-making-excellence that allows you the freedom of time, money and relationships...

Which is precisely why I'm here:  to help you craft your entrepreneurial "dream team" - the team that makes you money (instead of just costing you), the team that gives you back your mental and emotional energy, the team that gives you freedom.

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Instinct Catalyst

The first step in discovering the right team FOR YOU is to start to understand yourself - your drive and instinct in how you work.  The next step is to see how this relates to potential team members.  

Opt in, and discover BOTH!

It All Starts With YOU

YOU are not a cookie cutter person. YOUR BUSINESS is not a cookie cutter business. Why are you trying to hire a cookie cutter team?

One of the biggest lessons I've learned over the years of consulting and training with teams is that EVERY single team is UNIQUE.

They are a reflection of YOU.

That's why listening to what your "business bestie" tells you they did, or reading the "conventional wisdom" about team building, or trying to fit your business into some box along with the team you want to create, is...madness.  It just doesn't work.  

It doesn't work for corporations (who have incredibly high employee disengagement rates and incredibly low employee morale, on average), it doesn't work for small businesses, and it doesn't work for entrepreneurs. 

I Went From Working 100 Hours A Week to Five Days A Month (& You Can, Too!)

I've started so many businesses, it's literally crazy...everything from importing household goods and art from Bali to Michigan and Hawaii, to opening up a boutique that made and sold high end and organic skin care products and makeup and then moving that business online, to today, where I have both a consulting/training business and a law firm.

Yes, it's crazy.  But I love the thrill of creating a successful business.  And it's true, every single business I've had has been "successful" in the traditional sense - making money in the millions of dollars.  

But I quickly learned that I didn't become an entrepreneur just to make money - I wanted my freedom, too.  It's really easy to become a slave to your business, if you don't get the right pieces in place.

In fact, for several years, I had my nose to the grindstone - BIG TIME.  I was working 80-100 hours a week, every week - no vacations (or stressful ones - sound familiar?).

Understanding that, and doing the right things to change it, has been the most important thing I've done for both myself, and those I love.  

Today, I only do the things I do best, and the things that give me energy, instead of sucking the life out of me.

Today, I only HAVE to work five days a month, and even that is only an 8-hour day. 

How can you do this, too?


No, It Hasn't Been Easy

More than most entrepreneurs I know, I've struggled through success and failure, self-doubt, second-guessing, and paralyzing fear.  

There was a period of time where I cried every day for at least a month (in anger, frustration, and self-loathing) because I couldn't get my team to work well.  I was failing as a business owner and I was failing as a leader.

I lost several potentially great team members because of my inability to use their talents properly.  I also made some very bad hiring decisions.

I knew I had to make a major change.

One of the things that's become clear to me over the years is that being "good" at what you do isn't enough.

You have to be brave, to be a success.

You have to be strategic in your leadership, to be a success.



Team Success Happens When...

I knew, without a doubt, that I had finally learned how to create a great team when, in early 2015, I was suddenly hospitalized...and ended up spending 30 days in the hospital.  

I was blindsided by the discovery that I had a rare lung disease ... and I spent another two months recovering from my hospitalization.

Yet, my team was able to keep everything going, and even more impressive, we ended up having our most profitable year ever.

On top of that -and most importantly- I was able to take the time I needed to recover.  I was able to stay home and comfort my then-four year old son, who, along with my husband, had the scare of a lifetime.

THIS is what having a catalytic team is all about.  The right people, doing the right things, at the right time - this is what gives you freedom, and makes you money.


The"Official" Bio

Nicole Wipp is an expert in helping business leaders get even better results through performance development. Nicole is passionate about helping individuals and teams break the cycles of pervasive energy problems that keep people, teams, and their businesses, stuck.

As an experienced entrepreneur and small business consultant, she is the founder and CEO of The Results Catalyst, a consulting and training firm that provides a range of leadership, team creation, coaching, team building and retention services to business leaders worldwide.  Wipp Enterprises is a Everything DiSC(TM) solutions provider and is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

She is also an experienced and highly rated speaker, with hundreds of talks given over the last decade, and an attorney licensed to practice law in both Michigan and Hawaii.

You Know That Trying To Do It All Yourself Is A Recipe For Disaster

Your mental and emotional energy for success and productivity is limited, no matter what superhuman results you've been able to achieve so far. That's why you need a great team.

I’ve trained hundreds of people in how to build powerful teams, and I’ve spoken on hundreds of stages. I’m a frequent guest on top podcasts including TK and TK, and I’m the author of the bestselling book Dear Mom & Dad, Help Me Help You. I’ve been featured in numerous publications including NY Daily News, Business News Daily, and Yahoo! Finance.

I’m passionate about showing people the power of teams. One of the biggest things I’ve learned after years of consulting and training business owners and their employees is that EVERY team is unique. There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter team.

Why? Because there’s no such thing as a cookie cutter person. YOU are not a cookie cutter person. YOUR BUSINESS is not a cookie cutter business. So why would you try to hire a cookie cutter team?

When it comes to team building, conventional wisdom -- including what your “business bestie” tells you or what you’ve read in a book -- doesn’t work.

It doesn't work for corporations (who on average have incredibly high employee disengagement rates and incredibly low employee morale), it doesn't work for small businesses, and it doesn't work for entrepreneurs.

That’s why I’ve created my catalytic programs that show you how to find and train team members that a) work well with YOUR unique talents and b) bring out THEIR unique talents.

The result is a win-win for both of you. You and your employees will be happier and more productive, allowing you to get more done in less time (and make more money!).

Why on earth am I so passionate about teams?


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