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The #1 Event For Smart Women in Metro Detroit
Looking To Make A Change

Join Nicole Wipp In Novi on March 3 for a "make your plan"
Personal Leadership Branding workshop

Bring out the best in yourself, and others, by discovering YOUR personal leadership brand. That's what the Innate Impact Workshop is all about!

"(Nicole’s) explanations are clear and compelling. I feel completely reenergized and focused, and I feel like I can actually make changes that are personalized for me instead of one size fits all “best practices”. "

Angela Ghannam

"The workshop helped me to focus on how well I communicate with my co-workers and also whether my communication is effective...the information was great. "

Brandy Jones
Mando Corporation

"I really loved knowing my strengths; learning how they are actually strengths; how to prevent them from being weaknesses. It's always great to see Nicole doing this. She’s in her element. It helps me channel her to be successful with my business. "

Lindsay Ferguson
Network Marketing

"[This workshop gave me] another way to think about the nature/source of objections. Also provides another/better way to de-clutter my own mental/emotional response and get into a [another]’s perspective."

Legal Administrator

"This workshop gave me a much greater understanding of influencing people and how to understand myself and others in order to persuade. "

Kimie Kitahara
Automotive Executive

"(Today’s Workshop has) given me ideas on how to take control of my success/how to overcome current challenges. If you are considering [attending], there must be some aspect of your life you want to improve - SO YES DO IT! - "

Cassandra Booms

Innate Impact Workshop Live

This no-b.s. workshop experience is for you if ...

you're a smart woman ready for greater impact and influence...you want to be an even better, authentic leader...and you want to develop your personal skills to a new level.

Here’s the deal:  In less than a year, I went from "pretend happy" and "pretend successful" to really killing it, both personally and professionally...and learned one major lesson:

You have to get clear on what works most powerfully for you, or you're going to be treading water forever.

Wouldn't it be awesome to know you could:

  • Get your boss, or your clients, to recognize your true worth ... and know your annual income will never be capped, ever again?
  • Be an inspiration to your kids, co-workers, and friends...and show them that anything is possible?
  • Feel comfortable in any kind of leadership role, whether large or small - easily getting people "on the same page" and making things run smoothly?
  • Make the skills that are already working for you even BETTER?


If you’re struggling, or impatient, about reaching your personal or career goals - chances are that knowing WHAT you want isn’t the problem – it’s knowing HOW to get it (in the fastest way possible!).

So what’s holding you back?

  • You’re too busy.  Between working - either for yourself or someone else (or both!), studying or raising kids full-time, keeping house and trying to have a social life ... you don’t have the time or energy to focus on this stuff
  • Lack of Support.  You are surrounded by people that don't share ambition for the same things you do, that don't make great strides in the areas aligned with your goals & values, or maybe even seek to sabotage your success.
  • Fear of Failure.  You’re scared to commit fully, you don’t trust yourself to go all in, and you’re convinced you’ll fall flat on your face.
  • Lack of Clarity.  You just don't know what the next step should be, and you're tired of wasting your time and energy!

Just a couple of years ago I was all of these things so I get it, really I do.

Hi, I'm Nicole Wipp.

Ten years ago, I was desperately stuck. Yes, I had a "good job." I had steady income. But...I was miserable in the work I was doing. I was so miserable that I was, both consciously and unconsciously, doing things to actively undermine my own success. This led to a vicious circle of frustration, self-doubt, and confusion. I got myself so tangled up, I couldn't see a way out. Outwardly, I was a strong, successful woman. Inside - not so much. Yes, I was stuck.

Something had to change. I had to make a pivot, but I couldn't just blow everything up. I had to be smart.

The problem?  I was so tied up with my day-to-day that I couldn't achieve clarity on how to make the necessary changes on my own.

This led me down a path that fundamentally changed my life. Now, before you get the idea that this is some kind of "woo-woo" voodoo talk, let me stop you there. I am NOT that kind of woman. Even though I love things that make me feel good as much as the next person, I WANT RESULTS. I WANT THINGS TO HAPPEN.

The "Game Changer"

Well, what happened is that I took the time, and spent the effort, to learn from a science-based perspective what made me fundamentally different from other people - both in HOW I do things, and WHY I do them that way. Then, I took that information and ....

  • started an entirely new business, one that made me multiple six-figures in the first year, and has grown every year since
  • assembled a team of strong, supportive people that help me work in a way that gives me joy and energy every day (instead of spending my days with people that make me frustrated, sad and angry)
  • whittled down the amount of time I spend at work to an almost embarrassingly low amount
  • wrote a book (a lifetime bucket list item)
  • started a podcast (for the heck of it, but received numerous opportunities as a result)
  • got asked to be a speaker at multiple high-level, national events (undreamed of, previously)
  • began to make money based on my true value, not based on my insecurities
  • became a much better communicator with the people I care about
  • became a "go-to" expert in the media for the topics I want to be known for
  • achieved a level of respect in from the people that matter in my world in a way that I never thought possible.

I could go on. But you get what I'm saying.

The Step-By-Step Process To Creating Impact and Influence Through Personal Leadership Branding - Your INNATE IMPACT

The point is not that I am "better" than anyone else.  It is that I've leveraged what is best about me, personally. 

So, what does this mean to you?

This is the thing. A lack of clarity is the enemy to success. I say this every day, and mean it with my whole soul.

But if you want clarity on anything in life, the first thing you need is to understand what makes YOU uniquely awesome. You need to understand what your innate abilities and capabilities are - especially the ones you don't recognize in yourself, or that you take for granted. And then, you need to understand how to USE that information, powerfully.

That's what Innate Impact is all about. Join me, and the many others, that have reaped the benefits of powerful understanding of our own personal strengths and the leverage it gives you in life and business!

In it, we created a step-by-step process to help others discover and take action on their own unique value.

With what I've learned, personally, using Innate Impact - I can now work only five days a month - having quality of life with the people I love - making more than I used to working 100 hours a week, and do what I love in the process!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this program with you, so you can get these types of results too!

"Changed My Life"

Learning this changed my life...I work less and make more money. Aside from allowing me and my team member to work in our strengths, it has also improved my client relationships (resulting in more referrals!). Even better, I am infinitely less stressed.

-Angela Ghannam

I, and my work, have been featured in...

I don't just talk the talk. I walk the walk!...and all of this has been the result of my implementing what we will be working on ;)

Now, It's YOUR Turn to Powerfully Uncover Your Strengths!

In this workshop, we use proven, scientific strengths testing that illuminates your true abilities (even ones you may not be aware of). We then help you employ strategies to take your test results and utilize them in a way that you'll:

Discover What Most People Never Learn

...the one thing about YOU that most people never learn about themselves in their entire lives - the source of your endless energy and creativity - and ultimately, the thing that makes you uniquely valuable.  (BTW, this isn't woo-woo, it's science.  EVERY client I've worked with has told me they wished they knew this earlier!)

Be You.  Be Amazing!

Understand How To Embrace Conflict

One of the biggest things that holds us back is fear of conflict, or an inability to overcome conflict in a way that will propel us forward. 

This workshop gives you powerful insight on how to best navigate personal and professional relationships by building on differences, instead of clashing over them.

Don't let conflict hold you back.

Create An Effective Action Plan

It's one thing to learn something.  It's another to know how to use it, and when, and why. 

In this workshop, we will be working together and individually on an ACTION plan so that what you discover is something that changes the game for you. 

Forget theory, it's time for action!

The Early Bird Gets... (You Know The Story)

This workshop will be an intimate event...there is no unlimited enrollment. If you want to attend, you need to make sure you actually can get in, PLUS take advantage of $100 off - but only if you enroll by the "super early bird" deadline.

(The cost goes up after that...assuming there are still seats.)

The countdown is on! USE CODE IMPACT100









JOIN ME in Novi, Michigan on March 3 from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

This isn't some dry, boring lecture.  It's a workshop: we are going to roll up our sleeves and get things done!

Here's What's Included:

  • Everything DiSC(tm) Productive Conflict profile to help you increase self-awareness around conflict behaviors and discover how to effectively respond to the uncomfortable and unavoidable challenges of conflict - 36.00 Value
  • Personalized Kolbe A Index to learn how to use your conative strengths (plus how your natural conative abilities may be holding you back!) - 50.00 Value
  • In-Depth Workshop Materials on How to Use DiSC and Kolbe to Maximize Innate Impact - 550.00 Value
  • In-Person Intensive Workshop & Exclusive Materials to Gain Clarity - $600.00 Value
  • Networking With Other Successful Women That Want to Make an Impact - PRICELESS
  • Private Facebook Group to Continue Connecting - PRICELESS

TOTAL VALUE?  $1,236.00

Now, I'm not going to charge you over $1,000.00 for this (although it's definitely worth it)...

But for those of you ready to make an investment in YOURSELF, you can join us at Innate Impact for

only $297.00

(for the single-pay option)

That's an immediate savings of over $900.00!

And, if you register by the early bird deadline of February 18 at midnight EST using code IMPACT100, you'll get an additional $100.00 off!

Are you ready to discover YOUR Innate Impact?

Two Ways To Pay

Don't Forget! Register early and SAVE! Use code IMPACT100 to take $100 off of these prices, ending soon.

(If you use the code for multi-pay, $50 will be taken off of each payment.)



  • Everything DiSC(tm) Productive Conflict profile to help you increase self-awareness around conflict behaviors and discover how to effectively respond to the uncomfortable and unavoidable challenges of conflict - 36.00 Value
  • Personalized Kolbe A Index to learn how to use your conative strengths (plus how your natural conative abilities may be holding you back!) - 50.00 Value
  • In-Depth Workshop Materials on How to Use DiSC and Kolbe to Maximize Innate Impact - 550.00 Value
  • In-Person Intensive Workshop & Exclusive Materials to Gain Clarity - $600.00 Value
  • Networking With Other Successful Women That Want to Make an Impact - PRICELESS
  • Private Facebook Group to Continue Connecting - PRICELESS



  • Everything DiSC(tm) Productive Conflict profile to help you increase self-awareness around conflict behaviors and discover how to effectively respond to the uncomfortable and unavoidable challenges of conflict - 36.00 Value
  • Personalized Kolbe A Index to learn how to use your conative strengths (plus how your natural conative abilities may be holding you back!) - 50.00 Value
  • In-Depth Workshop Materials on How to Use DiSC and Kolbe to Maximize Innate Impact - 550.00 Value
  • In-Person Intensive Workshop & Exclusive Materials to Gain Clarity - $600.00 Value
  • Networking With Other Successful Women That Want to Make an Impact - PRICELESS
  • Private Facebook Group to Continue Connecting - PRICELESS

But you'll discover even more, if you are in business or want to get ahead in business:

  • How an in-depth understanding of YOUR Innate Impact will enable you to position yourself as a leader in your organization or industry;
  • Why this understanding of Innate Impact is essential to breakthroughs when you have plateaued professionally or with your income;
  • How to leverage yourself and your Innate Impact when you want to quantify your professional growth or income with your boss, your clients, or your peers.

"I've been able to turn the table on what I thought were my weaknesses"

Since the start, this journey has been different from anything else I’ve experienced.

I have made incredible strides in truly understanding why my past professional relationships were not always successful or cohesive. I’ve been able to turn the table on what I thought were my weaknesses, and have come to know that these areas are actually where I can offer balance & support to my colleagues or in my personal relationships.

I am able to recognize the difference between those abilities I am very good at and those that are my Innate Impact abilities. This has been a very important distinction for me.

When I am free to utilize my Innate Impact strengths, in my professional or personal life, I am consistently making greater strides; feeling energized, and experiencing greater success and fulfillment. For the first time, my work is absolutely energizing. I have broken through barriers that I thought were out of reach for me.

This is the first time I’ve been involved with programs and testing that measure the “how” in regard to my own abilities, my conative triggers and actions, harnessing and consciously applying my innate abilities, how I best process communication and how I can best communicate to with others for greater productivity and cohesiveness.

All of this really comes down to power, but not as some might think. I’ve learned how to recognize and develop my Innate Impact strengths and this results in my having power over myself – as I never have before. With this strength and knowledge I have been able to offer more of myself in all areas of my life, with greater energy, and consistently positive results both personally and professionally.

- Julie Taylor


"You helped me identify how I can best influence, and identify and use my strengths within a group or even individual settings, as well as where conflict may arise. Life changing! "

Lyndsay Jaworski
Nurse, Henry Ford

"This experience helped me feel disarmed and allowed me to let my guard down. The workshop was fun - I loved seeing people's expressions turn from nervous to at ease. I hope everyone gets to do this!"

Troy Hardiman

"This workshop really helped me realize I'm not better or worse for being a certain way; I'm just different...and that my difference is a strength, not a weakness. This isn't restrictive - it's freedom!"

Dan Zech
Financial Advisor

Still Not Convinced?

Keep reading to hear what other attendees have to say about what attending this workshop have done for THEM! (How many events have YOU attended that you felt were "life changing?")


I cannot say enough great things about this workshop.

Prior to attending, I was having some very basic, vague thoughts about improving my business and taking it to a new level. In the middle of this workshop, I felt so much energy and was so comfortable speaking with the women present that I blurted out my ideas, thoughts, feelings, fears, etc. and I could literally feel myself transforming.

I went from thinking “maybe I can” to “I will; here I go” and from “but what if I fail” to “show them what you’ve got, baby!”

Whether you’re a business owner or not, this workshop will enlighten and empower you! Too often, I overlook my personality strengths, dismissing them for “natural” or “not that important.” But now, owning my strengths and really understanding the details of my strengths has changed my perspective on my business and life moving forward.

I feel proud to know who I am and what makes me unique and I love using that knowledge to connect the dots in my life.

The connections that I made with the other women at the workshop were also amazing! You could just feel the energy being passed back and forth and words of encouragement and understanding being exchanged.

Everyone comes to this workshop at different stages in their lives and with different strengths, making it extremely fun and interesting to learn from one another. DO NOT MISS IT."

- Jessica Pospiech/Heltsey


Sharon K. Says...

"Before working with Nicole, I had never really participated in any type of testing regarding my personality, my strengths or my work. I was really skeptical that the results would tell me anything other than what I already knew about myself or that they would change anything about me or my work...I was wrong.

 [T]he ability to be self aware is amazing and makes an impact. Now I really look at how I am and what I do and understand it on a whole new level. It is now not about changing to get rid of the things that I don't like about myself but it is being aware of my strengths and using those to burst me forward."

You’re ready for the Innate Impact Workshop if you:

  • You are uncertain about how to define your own value and deliver it to others, and may even feel a lack a confidence about whether your value has impact. You want to be able to create the highest value that you have to give, but aren't sure how.
  • Are starting to feel like time is passing you by.  No matter how successful you already are, you know you're capable of so much more...but it isn't happening, and you're starting to realize that it's "now or never"...and you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen.
  • Have possibly taken some personality tests in the past, but don't know how to translate that knowledge to demonstrate to others why you are unique.
  • Want to discover the true strengths you have within that will enable you to be the best version of yourself possible, and will enable you to use those strengths to your benefit and the benefit of others.
  • Despite having confidence in certain areas of your life, you feel there is something missing, and you are inhibited by a lack of confidence in how to move forward and make positive change.
  • You are done making excuses about why things haven't gone the way you wanted them to.  You’re ready to go, like yesterday.
  • Are sick of negative people that clearly aren't as ambitious as you are, and want to surround yourself with people that will "up" your game, in a positive way. 
  • You need a safe, supportive way to open yourself to spontaneity, new experiences, and new ideas.
I'm IN!

You’re not ready for Innate Impact if you:

  • Think that a couple of hundred dollars - the cost of a few dinners or a single car payment, for many of you - is too much to change your future for the better.
  • Think I can do the work FOR you. Trust me, I can't.  I can lead you to the solutions but I can't make you do them.
  • Know deep down that you’re really quite lazy, have trouble committing, or doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.
  • Aren’t willing to invest significant effort today to create the kind of future you want tomorrow.
  • Are skeptical and find yourself putting down others who do well, or think you already know everything. Hey, if that's true, why are you even reading this page? The right mindset is crucial.
  • Are impatient and expect to get a raise, appear in the media, or make a million overnight.  I hate to be the one who bursts your bubble but if that’s your attitude then someone’s got to, right? Building an authentic leadership presence is all about connecting and building lasting relationships ... and that’s not an overnight deal.
Nope. I get it. And I'm IN.

Improve Your Personal Leadership Brand -
Your Innate Impact

If you want to make a change, you need to be able to get others onboard. You need even better leadership skills. But more importantly, you need to be SEEN as an authentic leader.

This workshop is a giant leap forward in achieving that goal!

Your Questions, Answered

Below are some "frequently asked questions" and their answers. Don't see your question? Email Julie: info [AT] wippenterprises.com and we will get back with you right away!

Q:  What if I've already taken either the Kolbe A or the DiSC Productive Conflict assessment?

A:  If you provide your results to Nicole, you can use the assessment codes you would have gotten in this workshop to someone that you want to build a better relationship with.

Q:  I can't make this date.  Will you be doing this workshop again?

A:  Possibly, but no promises.  I haven't done it since 2016 and, although it is something I love to do, I simply am not sure. That being said, if you really can't make it but would love to come in the future, send Julie an email and she will make sure you're notified.  info [at] wippenterprises.com

Q:  Can I get this workshop for my group or in my workplace?

A:  Absolutely - this workshop is ideal for a team-building day, as part of improving a gender or other diversity initiative, for leadership training, or to give even more value to members of your group or organization (and we've done versions of it in many different industries, from legal to financial services to healthcare).  Contact Julie: info [AT] wippenterprises.com for details.

Q:  I don't live in Michigan, but I'd love to do this workshop.  What are my options?  

A:  We *may* be coming to a city near you soon!  Contact Julie: info [AT] wippenterprises.com and she will keep you updated!

Q:  Why is this only for women?  Can't men benefit from this workshop, too?

A:  While men can (and have) absolutely benefit from this workshop, this particular one was set up for women only for the very specific reason that women tend to feel freer to speak their minds when with their peers, and I want to provide a safe space for that to occur. 

Q:  What if I spend the money on this, and am disappointed?  Will you give me my money back?

A:  If you spend the money - attend the event and participate in the group - and are disappointed, then yes, I will.  I will not refund your money if you just don't show up. 

There are no cancellation refunds. I've learned that people that can't commit aren't going to do well in this program, anyway. This program is for people committed to making a difference in their own lives and in doing so, in the lives of the people that matter the most to them.  If you aren't that person, then don't sign up!

That being said, every one of the people that has taken this workshop before took a chance and invested in themselves is now seeing what’s really possible.  

I truly believe that in a few weeks time you’ll be thanking your past self for having the balls to put a little skin in the game.  

Q:  What if I'm still not sure!? 

A: Well, then it might not be right for you.  But take this quick quiz, and it will really help you to decide!

That being said, if you snooze, you lose...so don't be a commitment-phobe, do something good for yourself!


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