The Single Most Untapped Competitive Advantage Is Teamwork

THE FIVE BEHAVIORS OF A COHESIVE TEAM is an assessment-based personal and team experience that helps individuals and organizations reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team in the most approachable, competent, and effective way possible.

Powered by Everything DiSC®, the profiles help participants understand their own DiSC® styles. Bringing together everyone’s personalities and preferences to form a cohesive, productive team takes commitment, but the payoff can be huge—for individuals, the team, and the organization.


The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ has a simple goal: to facilitate the transformation that will help professionals and their organizations utilize all of the incredible benefits of truly superior teamwork.
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Productive individuals thrive within teams that are based on trust—the foundation of The Five Behaviors™ model. In this program, teams discover how to view vulnerability as an opportunity for strengthening relationships among their teammates.


Trust lies at the heart of a functioning, cohesive team and can only happen when team members are willing to be completely vulnerable with one another.

This includes saying things like “I’m sorry” or “Your idea was better than mine.”  This program can help people gain insight on their peers and develop empathy, two important qualities that allow a team to build trust.


Conflict is naturally uncomfortable, but productive conflict focused on concepts and ideas is essential for any great team to grow. When teams have a foundation of vulnerability-based trust, conflict simply becomes an attempt to find the best possible solution in the shortest period of time.

Productive conflict focused on concepts and ideas becomes a means for debating different perspectives and landing on the best possible solution.


Commitment is clarity around decisions, not consensus. 

The Five Behaviors™ model explores commitment as clarity around decisions and complete buy-in from team members. Teams that achieve commitment use a common language to engage in healthy debate and support decisions even if everyone does not initially agree.


High-performing teams set high standards for themselves. Holding team members accountable for their responsibilities helps establish respect among peers and guides the team to live up to their expectations. 

It's easy to avoid difficult conversations, but calling out peers on performance or behaviors that might hurt the team is essential to productivity. By “entering the danger” with one another, team members feel trusted, respected, and responsible for getting things done right.


The goal of every team is results, but one of the greatest challenges to team success is inattention to results. Great teams ensure all members, regardless of their individual responsibilities and areas of expertise, are doing their best to help accomplish team goals.

By building a foundation of trust, engaging in productive conflict, achieving commitment, and holding team members accountable, teams never lose sight of their collective goals and can achieve their peak performance.

From Talented INDIVIDUALS To Extraordinary TEAMS

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Program

With this program, participants will learn how, as a team, they score on the key components of the model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. Using these results, participants will be able to create a better, stronger team.


Taken by each team member:

36-page highly personalized assessment results for individual and team
Strong visuals that illustrate key messages
Context-specific feedback
Tips and strategies for improving teamwork effectiveness
Opportunity for building an action plan


Choose from the One-Day Facilitation Program for an overview or Three-Day Facilitation Program for in-depth, guided facilitation.



Progress Report

The Progress Report, generated 6-12 months after facilitation, highlights areas of greatest improvement and decline, offers productive points of discussion, and provides an action plan to help teams prioritize and set specific goals. You'll be able to compare how a team’s performance has changed over time and highlight areas of greatest improvement and of greatest decline.

Who Is This Program For?

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment and accompanying material is designed for an intact team. Before choosing this program, consider the questions: Is the team really a TEAM? A team is a relatively small number of people (from three to twelve) who meet on a regular basis and are collectively responsible for results. The team members share common goals as well as the rewards and responsibilities for achieving them. Not every group is a team. For example, a group that appears to be a team might simply be a collection of people who report to the same manager, but who have relatively little interdependence and mutual accountability. If a group does not meet the criteria of a true team, this process is unlikely to produce the results they expect.


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